Will Resistance Bands build muscles

Will Resistance Bands build muscles

Will Resistance Bands build muscles? Why are Resistance Bands good? Everything you need to know about Resistance Bands


It's no secret that resistance bands are a great exercise tool that offers a varied set of benefits, which is why they've been receiving all the hype. This article answers all the questions you might have in your mind regarding these bands.

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Why are Resistance Bands good?

The fitness community is obsessed with resistance bands because they are just that good.

Whether you are a fitness expert or a novice who loves exercising at home, these bands are great for you because they are:

  • Super-portable (very helpful for workouts while traveling.)
  • Safe (saves you from the horrible fear of a dumbbell accidentally falling on your feet!)
  • Effective (This is why they're so popular in the first place, right?)

What's more, they come at a low price!

They come in light, medium, or heavy resistance levels so everyone could use them as per their fitness level. Also, they can be used for people of all ages.

Why are Resistance Bands good?

What Resistance Bands do?

These bands provide strength training and improve joint mobility and flexibility through physical therapy exercises. They also help regain exercise endurance in people who have just undergone surgery.

But the question is, how do resistance bands work?

The answer is pretty simple:

Whether it's used for strength training, physical therapy, or exercise endurance, the bands work by creating resistance to attain the maximum contraction of muscle fibers. They get all the target muscles to work at full potential, which strengthens them, in conjunction with the bones, ligaments, and tendons that surround them.

Why are Resistance Bands better than weights?

While both weights and resistance bands are great at strength training, some people might find bands to be a much better option, and there are several reasons for it.

Bands are better because they are inexpensive and don't require access to a fully-equipped gym or an ample space for exercise execution, as in the case with conventional weights such as barbells.

They are safe to use and prevent injuries, which is a common concern while using weights, especially for beginners.

Bands offer a more flexible workout experience to suit your adaptability and fitness level. Weights, however, have a constant effect as per their size.

Resistance bands are great at strength training

Why are Resistance Bands effective? 

These small yet powerful bands are just as (or in some cases even more) effective as using weights or any other method for strength training.

The reason is that these bands provide much greater, and progressive, muscle stimulus. For example, when using free weight for a bicep curl, a point comes (specifically the peak point) where the muscles lose their working due to lack of gravity. However, with these bands, the muscles work at their fullest when the bands are stretched to the maximum.

Will Resistance Bands build muscles?

Working out with these bands has proven to build muscle mass. But to achieve this goal, you need to execute the process correctly.

You need to progressively overload your muscles with resistance to provide sufficient tension for muscle mass building before they start adapting to the tension level. 

Also, keep your diet rich in protein, stay hydrated, rest well, and sleep better so that your muscles recover quickly, and consequently, more muscle mass is produced.

Will Resistance Bands help lose weight?

The answer is YES. In fact, working out using these bands is a more effective way of losing weight if done correctly.

Generally, people perform weight-loss exercises using their bodyweight alone. But if they couple it with resistance bands, the process will get much quicker and efficient.

Using these bands for weight loss exercises intensifies the whole process, thereby helping burn more calories. Moreover, the muscle-building effect of the bands adds up to the metabolism rate.

Resistance Bands to build glutes

Fitness trainers have been using the bands for a variety of purposes because of their flexible nature. Because these bands can be used to target specific muscle groups in the body to increase muscle mass in that region, they can also help build glutes.

These bands are incorporated with common glute building exercises to add 'targeted resistance' to your muscles' movements. When you execute compound booty exercises, these bands will activate the small glute muscles, adding more strength to them. This will ultimately build more muscle mass in the hip region.

Resistance Bands to build glutes

Are Resistance Bands good for biceps?

These bands are definitely a good way of building your biceps. There are a number of exercises that make use of these bands to increase your bicep muscles' size and strength. They also help boost the bicep muscles' performance and stamina, so they're a go-to workout option for beginners, athletes and anyone else in between.

These bands expand the range of movement of your bicep muscles by putting tension onto them from various angles. This results in perfect bulky biceps that every man desires!

Resistance Bands routine

How you use your bands depends on the goals you want to achieve through them. Generally, they can be incorporated into a range of fitness and weight loss workout routines, as well as strength and toning workouts.

You can either use them to target a particular muscle group or simply incorporate it into your workout routine to bring variation and increase the intensity of your exercise methods.

Some common exercise that you can do using these bands are:

  • Chest press
  • Tricep extension
  • Assisted pull-ups
  • Glute bridges
  • Bicep curls
  • Scapular retraction pulls
  • Lateral kicks
  • Clams

Which Resistance Bands to buy?

Deciding which band to buy for yourself is an essential step if you want to achieve your fitness goals. If you're a beginner who just wants to experience using the bands, it's suggested to start with a basic band with a long tube and a handle. When you become acquainted with its use, you may shift to the other types for better strength and variations.

However, if you want to target a specific muscle group, choose the band that offers the strength level (light, medium, or heavy) required to activate those muscles.

Have a look at our suggestions and choose the one that suits your workout preferences: Elastic Pull Rope with Handles, Resistance Band Loop Set and Pull Up Assistance Bands.

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