Smart Fitness Hula Hoop - Vivaz Fitness
Smart Fitness Hula Hoop - Vivaz Fitness
Smart Fitness Hula Hoop - Vivaz Fitness

Smart Fitness Hula Hoop

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The Smart Fitness Hula Hoop is the perfect fitness equipment if you are looking for a fun and effective ab workout to slim the waistline, burn calories and keep in shape.

Our advanced fitness hula hoop is equipped with buttons all around to massage the waist and to boost the fat reducing effect.


The Smart Fitness Hula Hoop is a weighted hula hoop that uses centrifugal force to move the weight and engage your core. 

This smart hula hoop is specially designed to fit most waistlines and will not fall off. No more bothering to keep the momentum of the moving hula hoop, making this a great tool for beginners. 

The weighted hula hoop comes with 24 sections in total that can be easily take apart and put together, adjusting to fit the circumference of your waist and to make a perfect fit.

The smart hula hoop is smaller than conventional hula hoops. It can be split into dozens of tiny pieces, so that it saves storage space and it can be taken anywhere.


  • 24 round massage bumps to massage your waist and accelerate fat burning
  • Suitable for waist circumference size up to 120 cm
  • Material: ABS


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