Fitness Vibration Plate with Resistance Bands - Vivaz Fitness
Fitness Vibration Plate with Resistance Bands - Vivaz Fitness
Fitness Vibration Plate with Resistance Bands - Vivaz Fitness

Fitness Vibration Plate with Resistance Bands

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The Fitness Vibration Plate is packed with cutting edge vibration technology for home use so you can improve circulation, reduce cellulite and increase bone density all with one plate.

Only 10 minutes a day will help to burn calories, increase muscle mass and tone the body. The multidimensional vibrations penetrate deep into the muscle, producing muscle contraction up to 50 times more than usual, giving you rapid results without the intensity of a heavy workout.

Burn some extra calories in any activity you try while toning your muscles and alleviating excess cellulite. This well-designed piece of home and gym fitness equipment works for both men and women, young and old.

With the supplied resistance bands you can expand your workout with targeted exercises for the arm and back muscles. With remote control, you can control the device comfortably during training.

With 99 speed levels and 10 exercise modes, this body shaker helps you find the right vibration and massage intensity for you. The settings are clearly shown on the LCD screen for easy monitoring and adjustment as you sit, stand, and exercise.


99 SPEEDS: Our vibration plate is equipped with 99 speed levels to let you find the perfect workout intensity while also functioning as a comfortable massage machine.

10 FUNCTION MODES: This versatile exercise machine provides your own portable gym thanks to 10 exercise modes covering strength training, abdominal stretching, jogging, running, fast walking, and more. It can also be used after workout for massage and relaxation.

SUITABLE TO ALL: Whether young or old, male or female, unfit or hyper-fit, our vibration plate has a way to improve your workouts.

LCD DISPLAY: The spacious LCD screen displays your current settings clearly so you can monitor and adjust the machine's performance any time you like.

MULTI-USE: This compact strength training equipment does an excellent job helping you strengthen muscles, burn calories, and alleviate cellulite.

FREE RESISTANCE BANDS: Included with the vibration plate is a pair of resistance bands to provide further utility and variety as you shake your way to better health.

COMPACT AND TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Measuring only 52 X 33 X 12 cm, this exercise machine easily fits into a bag and can be carried to any room, your backyard or wherever else strikes your fancy.


Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 200W
Speed Modes: 0-99
Function Modes: 0-9
Vibration Range: 0-10 mm (0-0.4 in)
Weight Capacity: 21 st. 6 lb. (300 lb. or 135 kg)
Dimensions: 52 x 33 x 12 cm (20.5 x 13 x 4.7 in)
Net Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lb.)
Certificate: CE


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